Our luxurious collection of knitted cashmere sweaters and cardigans, ponchos and kimonos will comfort and warm you like nothing else you have ever worn. 

Cashmere on the Purbecks.

Cashmere on the Purbecks.


Cocowai's beautiful cashmere knitwear range includes wraps, ponchos, kimonos, jumpers and cardigans.  These are available for you in over 200 colours.   

Nothing compares to the uniquely rich feel of cashmere knitwear against your skin. At Cocowai Cashmere, we have a gorgeous range of cashmere ponchos, jumpers and kimonos in a colour palette designed to suit your taste.

Our beautiful collection of cashmere knitwear is made from the highest quality hand spun yarns from Nepal using traditional spinning and hand knitting techniques which have been all but lost in the West.  Every piece of our knitwear is hand dyed and finished in the small family run factory that we have worked with for the last 25 years.

As well as offering a range of beautiful products, we also offer next day delivery and competitive shipping. Make your order today.