Charitable Projects


Cocowai owes much of its success to the kindness, hospitality and professionalism of our friends in Nepal. We have always felt very strongly about giving something back to their community.

The Bidhashram Centre for Homeless Elderly People - Pashnupatinath, Kathmandu

Traditionally, elderly people in Nepal spend their lives within their family units with their children and grandchildren. Sadly, because of ever changing political and environmental situations, people are having to move, leaving these family units vulnerable, shattered and unstable.

Many elderly people have thus over the last 20 years become homeless and unable to help themselves. The lucky ones have found themselves at the Bidhashram Centre. Cocowai has, over the years supported this centre with donations for medical equipment, building funds, solar panels, generators, nurses etc.

Our long term goal was to help this centre become self sustainable and to try and raise funds for its rebuild as a more appropriate building for the elderly and less mobile. We are overjoyed that this dream has finally been realised - not solely through ourselves - but since 2016, the Nepalese Government, is now for the first time giving its full support to this worthy cause and arranging for a new building/hospital to be built.

We are very proud to have helped in what little way we could over the last 20 years and are delighted now, that it will move forward into the 21st Century and be fully supported.

NCWSC Orphanage, Bagamati, Kathmandu

This wonderful orphanage is like a large family. I have never seen such happiness amongst children who have come from such distressing backgrounds. There are 28 children, between 4 and 18 years old living here with just 3 amazing carers and a spare room for 2 volunteers (should you be interested)! They all live in a lovely house on the southern outskirts of Kathmandu. All the

children are in school and all play their part in “family” life. This is a true example of how Orphanages can and should be run. Cocowai contributes financially to this worthy cause. If you are interested in giving direct, please email Anil or Tara at

Earthquake appeal

In the tragic earthquakes during April/May 2015 many thousands of people were left homeless and lost members of their families. Even for those that didn’t, it was an utterly terrifying time. A fear and memory that they will never lose.

Cocowai raised over £7000 which was distributed evenly between everyone involved in our production in order to help with rebuilding, repairing and general survival over such a traumatic time.